File & Polish – £15.00

This custom manicure provides a little luxury when time is of the essense. Hands and Nails are massaged and groomed to perfection with a colour of your choice (allow 45 minutes)
Manicure £34
Get that ‘walking on air’ feeling & float away in our large relaxation chair whilst your feet are pampered to perfection. (allow 1 hour)
Why not upgrade to a deluxe Manicure or Pedicure for only an extra £5.00 Have your feet drenched with moisture and heated for pure relaxation.
Pedicure £34
No Smudging, no chipping and no waiting for nails to dry. OPI gel polish protects the natural nails and gives a long lasting perfect colour for up to two weeks.
OPI, three week manicure- £30

Indulge in a Little Luxury

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