Welcome to The Olive Tree Spa

Nestling in a quiet courtyard, The Olive Tree will release you from the outside world from the moment you enter. The ambient spa provides arrange of holistic and beauty treatments addressing your mind body and spirit. The peaceful setting allows timeout from sometimes difficult situations and the opportunity to come and just be for a while.

If you need some time out to think, recharge or just simply to be, call us and we will arrange a package that suits you. We are are now offering Thalgo’s amazing range of Facial peels, they really work.

A fresh new you in the time it takes to do a facial, soft fresh, radiant skin can be yours as easily as that.


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Diffusers & Synergies

Create a peaceful and calming haven anywhere with a diffuser.

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Making essential tasks easy. Our practical sessions will help to keep your personal routines a pleasure, not a chore.

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Exotic Journeys

Exotic fragrances are combined with authentic treatment rituals to soothe your mind, body and soul.

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Hands and Feet

This custom manicures and pedicures provide a little luxury when time is of the essence.

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Our alternative treatments offer you a personal therapy that can be fully customised to your individual needs and concerns.

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Our Signature Treatments

Take a different path each week and depending upon your frame of mind choose an organic oil to suit.

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